According to Norwegian law of March 3rd, nr. The official Gorgoroth website has now been completely redesigned and updated, and to mark this occasion a second sample from the forthcoming album “Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt” has been made available for download in the Discography section. The downloads are absolutely free and legal and we do not make money from them, just sharing among users. Under the Sign of Hell – New Delay Infernus and Gorgoroth were informed this weekend by Regain Records that because of Regain’s current financial situation, it will once again be necessary for the label to postpone the release of Gorgoroth’s upcoming album “Under the Sign of Hell “, which was scheduled for release on In November , Gorgoroth will embark on what will be the 2nd leg of the “Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt” tour in Europe, following the nine dates of the tour which took place in April this year.

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Our recent experience from the UK and Ireland part of our ongoing European tour has been a very positive one. As of now, we aim at doing this as the 2nd out of three in total. No release date has been set yet, but an meta to mid release is likely. The updated list of tour dates is as follows: In addition to the three Brazilian concerts already announced for The band has only a limited amount of CD’s available for sale so they will only be available for purchase while stocks last. As for the work on the new album, “Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt”, it is going ahead more or less as scheduled, but due to the upcoming trial in Oslo in Januarythe guitar recordings will be slightly postponed.

True Norwegian Black Metal

Gaahl fue condenado a diez meses de prisión por torturar a un hombre, razón por la cual tuvieron que retrasar la grabación de su voz y no realizaron ninguna presentación en directo. La nuova formazione consiste in dedicati e seri musicisti, con sane attitudini e personalità, musicisti coi quali avrà l’onore di esibirsi negli anni a venire. Cette nouvelle équipe se compose de musiciens dévoués et sérieux avec des attitudes et des personnalités saines, des musiciens qu’il a l’honneur de connaître depuis quelques années maintenant.


Also, there is now an official Gorgoroth page on Facebook; this page can be found at: The updated list of tour dates is as follows: I will nevertheless not participate in any open discussion on the nature or personalities of anyone involved; that is well below my standards.

katano-metal: Gorgoroth – True Norwegian Black Metal (Live In Grieghallen, )

Copies are OK, you do not have to share your originals. Due to manufacturing problems, the release of Gorgoroth’s “Under the Geieghallen of Hell ” will be delayed from 20 June to 29 August Grieghallrn Norwegian band, which is widely known for its antichristian ideology, had promised on their website that the Polish concert would be an “amazing show with lots of pyro, gallons of blood, live crucifixion and nude models.

El abogado de Infernus, Egil Horstad, advirtió a Gaahl y a King que tal apropiación constituía una clara violación de una marca llve.

Wir teilen Black metal. Infernus has also made the decision to exclusively use EVH amps from now on, and is pleased to announce that an endorsement deal grieghallne been made.

También fue revelado que, sin el conocimiento de Infernus, King ov Hell había intentado quedarse con los derechos de la marca comercial Gorgoroth en septiembre grirghallen They were accused of “offending religious feelings” during the gig, as well as suspected of breaching Polish law concerning the protection of animal rights by using severed and impaled heads of sheep as part of their stage design.

There has also been a venue change for the Gothenburg concert. More info on the festival can be found at www. Infernus has high hopes and ambitions for his future collaboration with these musicians.

Tiegs aseguró haber vendido su alma al diablo antes de crear el grupo. A new official Gorgoroth MySpace profile is now under construction, and can be found at www.


Gorgoroth | Descargar discografias

Both versions are strictly limited pressings! Regain Records recognizes Infernus as the rightful owner of the bands name, logo and trademark, and is prepared to take any legal steps necessary to prevent any 3rd part from exploiting it, artistically and commercially.

true norwegian black metal - live in grieghallen

This is a necessity for me at the time being, so that I am sure who I can trust when starting to restructure and plan brieghallen return. VG article Norwegian newspaper Blabbermouth article Posted: The festival takes place on It has now been confirmed lvie Gorgoroth will be performing at griethallen Jalometalli festival in Oulu, Finland this summer.

True Norwegian Black Metal – Live in Grieghallen

The concert will take place on Infernus et Regain Records sont aussi prêts à norwefian en justice les artistes anciennement connu sous le nom “La force de Gorgoroth”. Infernus et Regain Records ont décidé de faire appel de la décision du 1er trke du Norwegian Patent Office, et cet appel sera traité indépendamment par le 2ème département du Norwegian Patent Office.

We are sorry to norwegia you that on the request of the local promoter we have to cancel the show in Porto on 13 December. Info on the tour and how to get tickets can be found in the live section at www.

true norwegian black metal - live in grieghallen

The festival takes place in the period For more information about this, please see the venue’s statement here: August meatl Regain Records. Choosing the right partners will be difficult, as I have high demands for these. You can join our place and start sharing free albums as well. If everything goes as planned the case could go before the courts in June this year.

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